Environmental Utopias. Sound performance, screening and Q&A with Sillyconductor

Environmental Utopias. Sound performance, screening and Q&A with Sillyconductor

Artist: Sillyconductor
Curator: Adrian Bojenoiu
Performance: Joi 27 octombrie ora 16.30
Location: Casa Muzeelor, Strada Vasile Alecsandri 6, Iași

“Environmental Utopias” is a pilot research project initiated by Galeria ElectroPutere in partnership with the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in the Arts (ICMA) within UNAGE (Iasi). The research was carried out by the artist Sillyconductor/Cătălin Matei in collaboration with the curator Adrian Bojenoiu and is studying plant life using digital technology. “Environmental Utopias” is an experimental, sound and visual foray into the environment of the relational life of plants.

In order to enter the privacy of plant life and collect data related to their invisible activity and their interaction with the nearby environment, Sillyconductor put into practice a method similar to the one used to monitor bioelectric impulses. Thus, the plant becomes a mirror of its average environment. The artist (Sillyconductor) conceived a software which he uses to transform the bioelectric fluctuations into data rows that can be subsequently interpreted as sounds and images. The recorded impulses can be visualized and transported into images or observed in real time along with a certain interaction. The performance consists of an audio-video representation based on the one hand on the live interpretation of the previously collected data and, on the other hand, on the the direct interaction with a few plants. The performance will be followed by a Q&A session.

Graphic design: Sebastian Danciu
Event partner: The National Museum of the Romanian Literature, Iasi
Media partners: ARTA Revue, Propagarta Revue

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