The TRANSFOCAL collection is dedicated to contemporary photography publications resulting from artistic research projects that analyze a particular cultural, social, political, and ecological context from multiple perspectives. Evoking the methodology of translocal connectivity, the artistic projects selected for this collection aim to deconstruct the false homogeneous understanding of globality through bodily, social, cultural, and geopolitical reflection situated on the place from which we view, as well as by highlighting the effects of the circulation, intersections, and cultural transfer produced through artistic mobility on the practices and policies of (self-)representation. They also aim to develop analyses of gaze, photographic representation, image, language, and photographic environment, to investigate practices and policies of documentation, archiving, memory, and remembrance, and to articulate discursive, documentary or (self-)ethnographic photographic practices.

Juliane Eirich Iași

Juliane Eirich

Editor: Cristian Nae

Authors: Juliane Eirich, Lavinia Braniste, Cristina Moraru, Cristian Nae, George Plesu

ARTES Publishing House, UNAGE Iași

Iasi. Mega Images presents a selection of photographs of the urban space made by the artist of German origin Juliane Eirich following an artistic creation residency that took place in Iași in 2022. The images are accompanied by critical texts and literary fragments.