The “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași launched a competition for research projects financed from the research funds of UNAGE for the year 2022.

The exhibition as an artistic medium in the former socialist block
(project coordinator: Cristian Nae)

Theoretical research in contemporary design – social critical connections between the European peripheries
(project coordinator: Oana Maria Nae)

Critical curatorial research practices in discursive and educational production
(project coordinator: Cătălin Gheorghe)

Researching visual communication strategies specific to new media
(project coordinator: Cătălin Soreanu)

PROJECTION – artistic research on the photographic image – screen – spectator relationship
(project coordinator: Matei Bejenaru)

Development of specialized technical solutions for distance music education
(project coordinator: Dan Spînu)

Curatorial research in the era of de-globalization. A critical response to capital fluidity and risk policies
(project coordinator: Cristina Moraru)

National and international valorization of cultural heritage research and restoration within the “Conservation and Restoration” specialization from UNAGE Iași
(project coordinator: Bogdan Gavrilean)

START OPERA – Don Pasquale, a 21st century perspective
(project coordinator: Alexandru Radu Petrescu)

(project coordinator: Sandra Mavhima)

Harnessing Romanian compositional and interpretative creation
(project coordinator: Aurelia Simion)

Style – method – choreographic composition: Angelin Preljocaj
(project coordinator: Lorette Enache)